Day: October 16, 2022

Monitor Arms for Sit-Stand and Fixed-Height DesksMonitor Arms for Sit-Stand and Fixed-Height Desks

Monitor arms can be used with both sit-stand and fixed-height desks, offering optimal adjustability to the screen. They can alleviate eye strain caused by long hours of computer usage by maintaining a neutral posture while positioning the screen in the optimal angle and location. This is especially beneficial for those who use corrective multi-focal lenses.

What are your options for control rooms?

Desk-mounted monitor arms are the easiest to install. They don’t require drilling holes in the wall, and they attach to your desk using desk clamps or grommets. Look for a monitor mount that is adjustable for a variety of desk thicknesses and includes features for cable management. If you have a monitor that is over two pounds, consider a heavy-duty electric mount instead.

Some monitor arms are better than others at supporting a larger display. Some arms feature multiple pivot points for easy setup. While some monitor arms come with preset positions, others have adjustable joints for a customized fit. The iMovR Tempo Heavy-Duty Single Monitor Arm has a 30 lb weight capacity and can accommodate most modern displays. The iMovR Tempo comes with a 15-year warranty. URL :

Monitor arms are a great way to give your workspace more flexibility and freedom. They also give you more space on your desk for other items. You can use the extra space for an ergonomic keyboard, document holder, or ergonomic desk lighting.