Day: March 12, 2023

EnduroShield ReviewEnduroShield Review

EnduroShield is a glass coating that can be used for showers, pool fence panels made of glass, windows and many other glass surfaces. It is a permanent non-stick coating that repels soap scum, grime and dirt, and reduces cleaning time by up to 90%.

How do I remove EnduroShield?

The product does a good job in repelling water stains and dirt from the glass, but it can be tricky to remove white marks left behind by hard water. It is suggested that a solution of white vinegar and water can be used to remove these marks, but it should not be done more often than every week or so. Link :

Another competitor in the glass stain-repellent market is PROSOCO’s “Strippable Masking” treatment compound, which offers similar features and has a lower price point than EnduroShield. However, it is not as tough as the EnduroShield treatment compound and therefore, may require more frequent maintenance.

It is also prone to discoloration in harsh environments. This is especially true if the glass in question is located in a place where water has a lot of minerals in it, like the bathroom or pool area.

The best way to prevent these problems is to use EnduroShield for glass on all of the glass in the home. It will make the cleaning process so much easier and will help to protect the glass from stains and etching for years to come. This is because the treatment bonds to the surface of the glass and a barrier is created that prevents contaminants from penetrating into the surface of the glass.