Day: April 30, 2023

The Inogen One G5 Pulse Oxygen ConcentratorThe Inogen One G5 Pulse Oxygen Concentrator

Inogen One G5

The Inogen One G5 is the latest member of the Inogen portable oxygen concentrator family. It is lightweight, quiet and easy to use. The battery life is excellent and it is FAA approved for air travel. It has 1 to 6 flow settings, an LCD screen, a DC car charger and access to Inogen Connect.

The G5 is a pulse dose oxygen concentrator that monitors your breathing to deliver a burst of oxygen only when needed. This allows for natural sleep cycles and is more comfortable than continuous flow oxygen concentrators. It is designed to operate at night and during the day, adjusting the output to meet your needs. Read more Inogen One G5 –

This unit has a very user-friendly design and an easy to read display. It is very quiet and will not disturb your sleep cycle or those around you. At only 38 decibels, the G5 is softer than most common household appliances and much quieter than a library or ambient noise in a city.

Inogen One G5: The Next Generation of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The Inogen Connect app is a great feature of the Inogen One G5. It is a free application that reports your device activity to your phone and provides you with important information. It will notify you when your sieve column pair is due for replacement and provides you with a battery status report. It also allows you to access your user manual, FAQs and troubleshooting tips. You can easily connect the Inogen Connect app to your G5 via Bluetooth and monitor all of your information from any mobile device.