Day: October 14, 2023

How to Break a Lock With a Lock Breaking ToolHow to Break a Lock With a Lock Breaking Tool

Knowing how to break a lock is a useful skill to have, especially in an emergency situation. There are a few methods that can be used to crack a padlock open, but no single method works for all locks or is foolproof. A lock breaking tool should be used only for legitimate reasons, as the illegal use of these techniques can lead to legal issues.

For a quick and simple method, a screwdriver can be used to rotate the pins within the padlock, which will eventually snap the shackle open. However, this requires a lot of turning force to be successful, and can be difficult with smaller or thicker shackles. A more powerful method uses an angle grinder to cut through the shackle. This technique requires proper safety gear, including gloves, a face mask, and eye protection. It is also important to use a vise or clamp to keep the lock stable and secure while cutting. Learn more

The most common padlocks are pin tumbler locks that require a series of pins to be aligned in the correct position to unlock. A basic lockpicking kit will contain a hook, a rake, and a half diamond pick. These tools are often made of rounded, rather than stamped, metal and have comfortable handles that allow for good leverage.

The Art of Lock Picking: Choosing and Using the Right Tool Set

Advanced rake picks are available that have different shapes designed to replicate various pin height key positions, making them more effective than standard rakes. For warded locks, which are more complex than other lock types, there are a variety of skeleton keys that can be inserted into the wards of a keyway to manipulate them.