Day: November 16, 2023

The Real World By Andrew TateThe Real World By Andrew Tate


Ai is a brand new mentoring program for millionaires founded by Andrew Tate, a former four-time kickboxing champion with several business ventures. The platform promises to teach members how to make millions through wealth-generation and disruptive marketing methods. It also aims to equip its members with tools that will help them thrive in an increasingly unstable world. Learn more:

According to Tate, the platform will function as a self-reliant infrastructure that will not rely on mainstream tech platforms. He also claims that the system is “cancel-proof.”

Living in 5D: Real World AI’s Quantum Leap with Andrew Tate

Moreover, the program will feature professors whom Tate himself handpicked for their expertise and success in their respective businesses. Each of these individuals reportedly have net worth in the millions. Moreover, the program’s students are guaranteed to earn millions within six months.

The program will operate on its own proprietary platform, which will be similar to Discord. HU’s predecessor, Hustlers University, ran on the same platform but faced backlash due to its sketchy affiliate marketing program.

Tate’s new training platform is designed to awaken people from a Matrix that keeps them poor, weak, and dependent on the system. The Real World is the red pill that will empower its users to change their lives for the better. It will not only teach them how to become rich, but it will show them how to do it in a way that is safe and sustainable. In addition, it will open a mass portal to escape the Matrix.