GC Factory Blog About Prokids and the Controversies of AI-Mediated Risk Profiling

About Prokids and the Controversies of AI-Mediated Risk Profiling

About prokids

For 40 years, prokids has been a powerful force for the thousands of children in Hamilton County who have been removed from their homes and placed into foster care because they were abused or neglected by a parent or other adult. They provide outstanding volunteer advocacy through CASA Volunteers (Court Appointed Special Advocates) who work in and out of the courtroom to give voice to these abused and neglected children and help to make sure they have the support they need.

What does it take to give a child a safe, permanent home?

In order to give a child a safe, long-term home, a lot of care and commitment goes into the process. With a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, prokids works closely with child protection system professionals and community members to find the most effective way to support these children and help them succeed.

The Benefits of Prokids: How This Innovative Program is Changing Children’s Lives

Both the semi-automated and automated systems in question, namely CAS and ProKid, are based on police databases. CAS is an address-based risk profiling system designed to be less privacy intrusive.

While CAS is designed to be geography-based, ProKid is a colour-coded profile-making system derived from the findings of behavioural scientists and intended to assist police officers in identifying children at risk. Moreover, in contrast to CAS, the risk correlations established through ProKid blur boundaries between legal categories such as victims, perpetrators, and witnesses.

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