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full cream uht milk

The longer you use full cream uht milk in your home cooking the better you will get to choose a good flavoured milk to add to stir fry, curry, stew or soup. I remember many years ago going shopping for chicken and I was so amazed at how delicious the chicken was that I bought two boxes! Unfortunately, when I tried to go back to the supermarket the next day it had turned out that the supermarket had run out of chicken.

Chocolate-Like Taste To Your Cooking With Delicious Full Cream Yogurt

In fact, when I went back the next day there was no chicken available. I simply could not believe that it had come down to that and then half an hour later I found a bottle of full cream milk which I knew I would love to try. It was as if someone had lifted the lid of my cupboard and handed me the most fragrant and creamy taste I had ever tasted. It added a new dimension to my shopping. I just couldn’t believe how good that stuff was and I have been buying it ever since.

Full cream yogurt comes in four different varieties such as: skimmed milk, condensed milk, cow’s milk and Greek and Spanish or Greek yogurt. If you are not sure which one you want to ask the salesperson which one they recommend. I love all four and I hope you do too. My sister is a huge fan of the Spanish variety and she uses it in everything from her baked potatoes to her pasta sauce and the kids also seem to love it.

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