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Butterfly Valves Triple Offset

butterfly valves triple offset

butterfly valves triple offset provide a solution for many demanding applications. Whether they are corrosive, abrasive, high-temperature, or pressure applications, these valves can help achieve better flow regulation and increase plant efficiency. To find the best butterfly valves triple offset for your application, consider factors like size and weight, as well as any safety regulations in place for your facility.

How do they work?

Unlike a standard butterfly valve, which with the turn of a lever moves sideways to allow media to pass through it, like waving a hand, the triple offset type acts more like a globe valve where the disc moves a bit like a cone going up and down. This angled alignment allows the seat and disc to contact in the center of their shape and seal effectively with minimal friction. This metal-to-metal sealing withstands virtually all possible temperatures, pressure levels, and fluid types while offering superior fugitive emissions performance and reliability.

Tolerable to dirt, a triple-offset design is more effective in severe service and with high-cycle operations. In addition, the three different eccentric shaft offsets create a right-angled cone shape between the seat and disc, which improves contact area to ensure bubble-tight shut-off. The valve is also available with a hard-facing seat made of Stellite grade 21 to withstand abrasion and corrosion, as well as a resilient seal ring in Duplex for a smooth, durable surface that resists wear. Each valve is fully designed, tested, and qualified for the application and comes with the worldwide support and commitment that Cameron is known for.

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