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How to Choose the Best Vacuum CleanerHow to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner

The best vacuum cleaner is one that can clean hard floors and carpets thoroughly. It should be powerful enough to tackle any cleaning job without having to be overly expensive. You can also find an easy-to-manoeuvre vacuum that will fit into your home without taking up much space. In addition, it should be lightweight and easy to maneuver around the home. The following are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Find Out –

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Suction power: The Blizzard CX1 is excellent for carpet, though the EcoTeq Plus head is a bit difficult to move around. Although you can turn down the suction on this model, it will leave behind clumps of hair. Nevertheless, this model is great for carpets, hardwood floors, laminate flooring, and tiled bathrooms. However, it is hard to move it around if you have a large floor area.

Performance: The Blizzard CX1 has good suction power and is easy to move around. It is heavy, and some users complain of difficulty moving it. It is also hard to maneuver in small spaces. If you have a small home, it would be best to choose a vacuum with a smaller head and a lower suction. The Blizzard CX1 is ideal for compact homes. This model comes with a decent crevice tool and extension tube.