GC Factory Health Discover the Benefits of Breathwork With BreathMasters

Discover the Benefits of Breathwork With BreathMasters

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A trained breathwork practitioner | BreathMasters can help you discover the benefits of this therapy. The sessions last an hour and are followed by a discussion, reflection, and helpful suggestions, such as a take home practice. These suggestions are designed to promote healing, self-discovery, and reintegration into daily life. Although subsequent sessions are typically shorter, they may also take longer depending on the issue you’re trying to address.

Learn More About The Benefits Of This Unique Technique

Before beginning your practice, communicate any health issues you have, including any medications. You may be asked to move, sit, or lie down while you’re being guided through the process. Breathwork can also include exercises, sound, and touch. Common sensations that may be experienced during the practice include calmness, connectedness, energy, and memory recall. You may also experience tightness or tinnitus. If you’re suffering from past trauma, you should discuss this with your breathwork practitioner.

Jennifer Lynne, M.Ed., is a licensed Breathwork practitioner with over 34 years of experience. She has taught breathwork workshops and trainings at health centers, and has been a guest speaker at various conferences. She has trained breathwork practitioners worldwide, and is also a certified Reiki Master. She is also a mother of three. She was inspired to study breathwork after completing a yoga retreat in 2007.

A breathwork practitioner who focuses on therapeutic relationships is an integral part of the therapeutic process. He may include biographical inquiry and family of origin stories. He may also incorporate voice dialogue, system work, and behavioral goals. He may also teach psychotherapy or support clients with a purpose-finding process. If you’re interested in learning about breathwork, you can contact.

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