GC Factory Business Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey Cost

Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey Cost

electrical thermal imaging survey cost

Thermographic electrical inspections are an important component of a preventative and predictive maintenance plan. They provide the ability to identify hot spots that are often hidden by visual inspections and other noninvasive methods. These hot spots can indicate equipment that is nearing failure or experiencing a degradation in performance.

Performing regular electrical thermal imaging survey cost helps reduce the risk of catastrophic failure, minimizes production loss and improves equipment uptime. In addition, they also help identify energy savings that can be realized by addressing areas of excess energy consumption. Investing in the cost of an infrared electrical scan can save many times that amount in production losses, repair costs and equipment replacement.

The Science of Savings: Exploring the Benefits of Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Surveys

One of the most significant causes of electrical failure is a loose connection. A faulty or loose connection can cause a fire, which could result in the loss of life or property, or shut down a facility. A faulty or loose connection that is easily identified by a thermographic survey can be repaired in a matter of minutes, saving costly downtime and lost productivity.

Infrared thermal imaging surveys are non-invasive, quick, and a great way to maintain a preventative maintenance plan. They are an ideal tool for inspecting a variety of electrical and mechanical equipment, including power generation, transmission, distribution and substations; high voltage switchyards; service transformers; and local circuit breakers, meters and appliance panels.

Thermography is typically performed as part of a full inspection, but can be conducted as a standalone service. The price of a purely electrical infrared scan is the same as a home inspection, and will take approximately a couple of hours to complete.

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