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How to Buy PBN Domains

PBN Domains are literally the best in the industry. With high-quality backlinks pointing to every PBN domain, they help raise your site’s link popularity. For this reason alone, PBNs are amongst the best in the business. If you want to buy the best PBN Domains, you need to follow these steps:

Making the Most of Your Money Site

Find a Google keyword with low competition that has plenty of search volume but low competition. This is the type of niche you’d like to get into. PBNs with low competition that have high Google page rank are the best PBNs because they are very likely to have high link juice. The more high quality links pointing to your site, the better off you’ll be. The higher the amount of link juice your site has, the higher its page ranking, and the higher your site will appear in Google when someone performs a search related to your niche.

Once you have found a keyword with high Google page rank and lots of potential backlinks, check out what other top ranked PBNs are doing. You should look for backlinks from sites with high Google page ranking and lots of incoming traffic. In my experience, the best PBNs are domains with high Google page rank and lots of inbound links. A lot of times it’s best to buy a pnB as your website is getting all the traffic and then you just add the PBN to your website. This will increase the amount of money site owners make.

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