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How to Find a Seal Coating Contractor

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Most people seal coating Naples they drive on, the sidewalks they walk on, and the areas they park on for granted. It’s doubtful that most people who commute along Tamiami Trail ever stop to admire a freshly-laid asphalt surface or wonder how long it has been since the area was last seal coated. But these are the sorts of details that truly professional seal coating contractors pay attention to.

It is important to find a highly-respected sealcoating contractor. Ask around, read online reviews, and check with the Better Business Bureau to see how many complaints have been filed against a particular sealcoating company. Also, find out how much the contractor charges for their work and whether or not they provide a warranty on their services. The best companies will apply two or more coats to ensure that all of the nooks and crannies are covered and that the materials have plenty of protection against stimuli that speed up the aging process.

Paramont Asphalt Sealcoating: Protecting and Enhancing Your Asphalt Surfaces

There are several different types of asphalt seal coatings available to commercial property owners. Some of these include slurry seal, chip and seal, and coal tar. Coal tar is the most commonly used material, but some studies suggest that it may contribute to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon levels in streams and creek beds.

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