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Popular AI Tools

These Popular AI Tools are helping students and teachers alike to do their jobs better and faster by automating tasks, replacing manual work, reducing risk of human error, making communication more effective, and saving time.

For those who need to write a lot, Grammarly is an online tool that makes real-time grammar and spelling corrections as you type. It can be incorporated into word processors, social media sites, and email apps. It also provides suggestions for vocabulary and style.

Genei is an AI research assistant who can help you with your work by summarizing PDFs and websites, providing short answers to questions, and even creating lists of resources for further study. It’s a great tool for academics or anyone who’s buried in research.

AI in Action: Exploring Real-world Applications of Popular AI Tools

If you’re looking for a fun way to prank a friend, try FakeYou. This text-to-speech tool lets you choose from hundreds of voices, including Barack Obama and Albert Einstein, to make them say whatever you want.

Another useful tool for writers is Wordtune, which rewrites your sentences and paragraphs to improve the overall quality of your writing. It’s easy to use and has free and premium plans.

A more advanced AI tool for creatives is Inworld, which allows users to create customizable avatars that are a likeness of themselves. It’s an excellent option for those who have a hard time appearing on camera during virtual meetings or presentations. Alternatively, Microsoft Mesh offers an AI-powered face mask for the web that you can wear during a video conference to look like yourself without having to turn on the camera.

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