GC Factory Business The Temporary Workers Agency and the Services Directive

The Temporary Workers Agency and the Services Directive

The Temporary Workers agence de recrutement (TAW) is a legal framework that regulates the recruitment and placement of temporary staff. This type of employment is based on a specific contract between the user enterprise and the temporary workers agency. It is highly regulated in France. According to the law, hiring out labour is not allowed and fixed-term contracts have a different status. However, a TAW is a legal framework that allows both parties to benefit from this type of labour.

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem With The Temporary Workers Agency And The Services Directive

The Services Directive (TW) is a law that grants TW agencies from outside the country the right to assign temporary employees to user enterprises in France. These agencies must abide by the rules of the TAW. The fundamental principle is that agency workers have the same rights and benefits as permanent workers. The same applies to pay and benefits for agency and permanent workers. In addition, agency workers are entitled to a supplementary pension fund and health and safety requirements.

The Services Directive has aroused great debate in France, and its passage coincided with a debate over the EU constitution. Social partners have interpreted the Act as a threat to competition. They considered foreign temporary work agencies to be unfair competition, and thus a legitimate issue in the employment market. But the law did not address the question of the employment of agency workers. The governing body did not consider it an employment issue.

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