GC Factory Blog Thermoplastic Markings for Commercial Use

Thermoplastic Markings for Commercial Use

Enhanced Safety – The materials in thermoplastic allow for increased visibility at night and during adverse weather conditions, making the parking lot safer for pedestrians and drivers alike. Durability – Thermoplastics are much more durable than regular pavement paint and can withstand traffic six times longer. This can help reduce the cost of maintenance on your commercial property by requiring less frequent applications.

Easy to Apply – Preformed Thermoplastic Markings is already formed into lines, symbols and letters and can be easily applied with a hand torch. This makes it a great choice for small jobs where a full melter is not required.

Customizing Playgrounds: Tailoring Thermoplastic Markings to Your Space

Thermoplastic is a type of polymer that turns into liquid form when it is heated to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a very quick-drying and strong material that can be used on asphalt or concrete surfaces. It can be applied to wet surfaces and will dry in about 15 minutes.

There are three different types of thermoplastic: alkyd, hydrocarbon and acrylic modified alkyd. The differences are based on the resins they contain which can impact how long it lasts. Alkyd is made with natural resins and is more resistant to oil on the surface while hydrocarbon is petroleum derived. Acrylic modified alkyd is a mixture of both, making it even more resistant to oils.

Thermoplastics are a popular choice for public and private agencies as they can outlast traditional paint by several years, especially in high traffic areas. This can save the agency money by having to re-strip their road or parking lot less often.

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