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Vintage Dr Pepper Signs

Vintage dr.vintage dr.pepper signs signs have an undeniable charm that attracts collectors and enthusiasts alike. They offer a glimpse into a bygone era and are a testament to the popularity of this beloved soda. Invented in 1885, Dr Pepper is one of the oldest soda brands and has an intriguing backstory that’s as refreshing as the drink itself.

Dr Pepper is a soda brand that was created in Waco, Texas by pharmacist Charles Alderton. The drink was a hit in the area and soon gained a large following nationwide. It was reportedly named after a local doctor. While it is unclear what the doctor was actually named after, there are several theories as to why the beverage was given its iconic name.

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One popular theory is that the soda was named after Charles T. Pepper of Rural Retreat, Virginia. This doctor was an acquaintance of Morrison, the owner of the original Dr Pepper bottling plant in Dublin, Texas. According to Milly Walker, Collections Manager / Curator of the Dublin (Texas) Dr Pepper Bottling Co. Museum, census records show that Morrison lived in Christiansburg, about 40 miles from Rural Retreat.

The bottle of Dr Pepper is emblazoned with the phrase “Drink Dr. Pepper, 10, 2, 4.” This is a reference to a study that showed that workers tend to crash at 10:30 AM, 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM. These numbers were often seen on the bottles of the soft drink in order to remind employees to have a drink at those times of day. The phrase was also used on a variety of other Dr Pepper merchandise, including signs and other marketing materials.

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